Success Stories

“I’m a smart person. I’ve a been small business owner for 15 years, but managing my personal finances – like savings, debt reduction, an annual budget, and planning for the future – has somehow alluded me. I’ve read books and downloaded resources from the web, but I continued to repeat bad habits. Working with Mikelann has changed all that. A coach like Mikelann not only teaches you the tools for managing your finances, she helps you discover the excuses and roadblocks you’ve created that sabotage your goals and stop you from getting where you want to be. The amount of money I’ve saved by hiring Mikelann has covered the expense of working with her, a number of times over.”

Lara Feltin, Co-founder & CEO, Biznik

“I thought I would never get out of debt. It was all I could do to keep up my minimum payments. Mikelann helped me get past my anxiety around money and to understand and take control of my finances. 4 years ago I was maxed out at nearly $40,000 in debt. Thanks to Mikelann’s coaching, I am now debt free and just bought a house.”

Scott Heller

“I can’t say enough about how life-changing my coaching sessions with Mikelann have been. She taught me how to plan and look at my money in both my professional life and my personal life and this has led to lowered stress all the way around. Best of all, she helped me to look at my blocks to charging what I am worth, and I am now working less and making more! Her combination of intelligence, skill and wonderfully encouraging manner have led me to exactly where I needed to go in order to take control of my financial life.”

Jill Fischer, Psychotherapist

“It’s hard to know where to begin about how working with Mikelann has helped me.   I describe Mikelann as part coach, therapist, and advisor.  I always look forward to my sessions with Mikelann as I know I’ll walk out of there with clarity and focus on both my business and money situation.  The process she has taught me has become a part of my life that I can’t imagine not having – it leaves me feeling grounded and powerful about my money situation.  I consider Mikelann as part of my “team” and can’t imagine not having her in my life.”

Sara E. Nest, Professional Organizer & Interior Designer

“Working with Mikelann has been an eye opening experience.  Having clarity and purpose has allowed me to plan for the future rather than pay for the past.  The tools that I’ve gained from Mikelann will serve me for the rest of my financial life!”

Heather Uhler

I was ecstatic to meet Mikelann several years ago. Finally, here was someone addressing money issues that I’d been seeking clarity on for most of my adult life (40+ years!).  If ever there was someone who found their calling in life – Mikelann is one of those rare gems- a pioneering soul who combines clarity, wisdom, humor, and immense passion for her work. I’m thankful for Mikelann’s inspiration and support on this profound healing journey.

Kathleen O’Grady

“Working with Mikelann has changed my relationship to money – from a relationship where money (or lack of) controlled me to one where I manage the money. It sounds so simple, but it has been amazing for me in my law practice and my personal life. I am a huge fan, I have given her book as gifts and regularly forward her newsletters to encourage others to learn more about her!”

J.P., Attorney

“Working with Mikelann goes much deeper than learning, grasping, and employing the mechanics of good money management and business practices – she has a gift for understanding and intuitively exploring my personal psychology around earning and success that has permanently transformed my relationship with money and doubled my revenue as a result.”

Lisa Lamoreaux, artist

“Starting a new business, becoming self-employed, after 30 years in the corporate world is quite a leap, and meeting Mikelann happened at just the right time.  She has been such a huge help in guiding me through the structure and the finances of this new chapter in my life – both professionally and personally.  Her direct communication style and well-paced progression through new material suits me perfectly.  We cover much ground in a short time – good value!  Thanks to Mikelann, I’m quite clear about my money and finances.  I’m even thinking about money differently with a better understanding of what drives me and what restrains me.  I feel prepared AND supported.”

Ann Glaze

“Working with Mikelann is transformative. Both my business and personal finances have benefited from her coaching. Mikelann is a highly skilled, caring professional.  The time you take to work with her is money well spent.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a better handle on their finances.”

Joanne Veneziano, Chief Instructor, Emerald City Aikido

“Working one-on-one with Mikelann has been a life –changing experience for me professionally and personally.  Without judgment, she walks me through all the details involved in managing my finances.  Anything I forget, she gently reminds me. I’ve been surprised that knowing the details makes everything easier, not harder.  And it’s actually fun.  I’ve been recommending Mikelann to other colleagues and friends in private practice.”

Minh-Hai, Nutritionist