My Story


I’ve always been fascinated with money and the almost mystical power it has.

I studied it in college in the only way I knew how- economics. But that was so very dry.

Then in graduate school, I discovered the psychology of money, which was fascinating. I loved digging into the metaphysics of money, the spirituality of money. I could even talk about brain science and personal finance.

But there was one thing that bothered me about money-
I didn’t have enough of it.

This stressed me out at a fundamental level.

I could be talking about the law of attraction one moment and worrying how to pay my bills in the next. How was it possible that I, a smart, college-educated woman could be fascinated by money yet not have enough of it?

Or maybe I did have enough and I just wasn’t aware of where it was all going. And my credit card debt! That was one ugly secret which weighed on me every day.

What was wrong with this picture? Wasn’t I supposed to be happily building my net worth while doing work I loved?

Wasn’t I supposed to be feeling confident, in charge and
not sweating the small stuff?