Want more help transforming your relationship to money? Check out all the eBooks, audios, and more robust products  Mikelann has created. Are you ready to break free of the “money fog” and step into earning what you are worth? Are you are ready to get in touch with your emotions so you never feel out of control around money again? Are you ready to love your financial life? Let Mikelann help you get there.


  • 10 Week Audio Program

    Unlock Your Earning Power

    I believe so much in the importance of earning what you are worth that I created an entire audio course to help you unlock your earning power. In it, I look at how and why you may be underselling yourself so you can identify what has been holding you back. Then, I teach you the skills to ask for more so you can break free and create a life you love. This course is made up of 10 audios. To make it easy to follow, I have broken this into manageable chunks, and I send you each new course via email each week, along with worksheets.

    I love this program, and it’s too robust to describe in a paragraph, so if you want to learn more I recommend you visit that page. You can watch my short video or scroll down and see what is in every audio for each of the ten weeks. (And yes, read what people say about it.) From escaping the “romance myth” to learning how to really negotiate, this course brings together all the tools you need to unlock your earning power. Truly, I think you can earn more and I know you deserve to live the life you want – a life you will love. If you are ready to dive in with me, I would love to show you the way.  Learn more.

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  • 77 page Workbook

    How to set and raise your rates

    Too many women don’t charge their clients enough money. But the key to maintaining a healthy business is to set the correct fee, and raise it regularly. If you have ever wondered how exactly are you supposed to know how to do all this – especially without alienating your valued clients – this workbook is for you. It’s packed with specific detailed worksheets, exercises, and explanations. In it, you’ll learn how to:

    ▪Set the right rate in the first place

    ▪Know when and how to raise your fee

    ▪Communicate this increase easily with clients

    ▪Research your competitor’s prices

    ▪Find your “break-even point”

    ▪Calculate the number of hours you can really bill each week

    ▪Keep from discounting your prices

    ▪Talk about price with clients in a comfortable way

    Note: while this information is helpful for all businesses, I wrote it for women who sell a service as opposed to a product. It’s ideal for everyone who charges hourly or does contract work. (Therapists, coaches, and attorneys love this.) One reader shared: “I particularly appreciated the examples on what to say when raising rates and setting a cancellation policy. It is funny, as a trained therapist, I feel like I should know exactly how to handle those situations, but that is not something on which we ever receive training. Thank you— this workbook makes rate setting and communication of rates so much less daunting.”

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  • 82 page Workbook

    Emotional Pricing

    This is the workbook for people who feel bad charging their full price, or for people who worry what might happen if they charge more. If it’s stressful to think of raising your fees, read this. I cover all the emotional reasons people think they are not ready to charge more, and then what the limiting beliefs around earning money might really be. I cover what the internal conflicts about charging people money for our services are, and how to resolve them so you can feel great charging more money. I look at how to open your “receiving valve” and how to feel good – never greedy or guilty – charging your full fee. You’ll read about how to break free of the good girl syndrome and truly begin valuing your time. And yes, you’ll learn how to work less and make more. Really. One reader shared: “This book is an amazing asset to my business. From this simple structure and two hours of reading time, I have taken at least five HUGE steps towards a more abundant life. There are so many kernels of deep wisdom in here I know I will be revisiting this workbook on a regular basis. My new mantra is ‘I am now open to receiving!’ Thank you so much for this jewel and sharing it with the world. You are helping so many to shine and step into their light.”

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  • 45-minute Audio

    From Underearning to Prosperity and Abundance– Mikelann’s Four Keys

    I’ve spoken about “underearning” for years. (I have an entire 10-week audio program designed to help you end it.) But if you want a quick introduction and four powerful tips you can use right now to earn more, this is the audio for you. Underearning is the pattern of earning below your potential. So this audio asks – are you earning at your potential? Or are you struggling against an “internal income ceiling?” In this audio I explore the psychology of why women undersell themselves and what to do about it. With this audio, you will learn one way to make asking for what you want easier, how women underprice themselves and what to do about it, a powerful strategy to conquering the “good girl syndrome” and the importance of getting in touch with your “resentment number”.

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  • 90-minute Audio

    Breaking Out of Underearning

    In this audio, I go deep, diving into the psychology of why even successful women undersell themselves, as well as what this pattern actually costs us (financially and emotionally) throughout our lives. Learn ten ways you may be underselling yourself, as well as five hidden forms of underearning, so you can truly identify this pattern in your life. I also dive into noble poverty and explore the four most common (unconscious!) fears around making more money that drive underearning. And yes, I offer many ideas to escape underearning – including how to deal with perfectionism and how to feel more deserving of abundance in your life. If you are not ready for my full 10-week program, this “mini-seminar” may be the right one for you. (It’s double the length of the “four keys” audio- going deeper in the psychology of underearning.)

    Buy Now – $25

  • 45-minute Audio

    How to escape the “Money Fog” so you can use the Law of Attraction

    Do you feel caught in a never-ending circle between debt, expenses, and the pressure to work more and more (to pay your debt and your expenses)? Are you tired of this vicious cycle? In this audio I talk frankly about the impact this money-life drain has on us – all the way to our physical and spiritual health. And yes, I talk about the way out. As you will see, it is the “money fog” that blocks our exit and impacts our ability to heal our relationship to money. Once we exit it and stop feeling like we are caught in a financial drain, then we can start to use the law of attraction! Trust me, it will work better. So if you’re ready to take control of your money, enjoy this meaty audio I made for you.

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  • 60-minute Audio

    How to charge people money:  the psychology of fee setting

    Why is it often difficult to set and raise our rates? In this audio, I explore what holds us back when it comes to charging people appropriately—and earning the money we truly deserve. I explore the common fears around raising our prices and I tackle the resentment issues that come with keeping our prices too low. And, I explore how perfectionism holds us back from charging our clients enough money. I then teach you about “pricing psychology” and “price resistance,” to help you set the right rate, and feel confident about it. Last, I share six different signs that it’s time to raise your fees and I teach you exactly how to raise them with grace and ease.

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  • 45-minute Audio

    Your brain on shopping—how to take back control and love what you spend

    Are you fascinated with some of the latest findings on brain science? Want to know the practical connections to how we shop? You may think you know why you spend money, but the reality is parts of our brains drive us to spend in ways we simply don’t realize. No one is as fully in control as they think. Does that sound scary? I think so! But take heart. In this audio I share the latest on shopping, brain science, and our emotions. Prepare to be absolutely fascinated! And most important, you will leave this audio with four strong tips that will help make you a more conscious spender. Retailers spend billions of dollars to manipulate us. It’s time to take some control back. What if you were more conscious about how and why you spend? You would feel more in control and you would actually enjoy spending your money – guilt free. And how awesome would that be?

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  • 45-minute Audio

    Escaping Noble Poverty with Integrity

    If you’ve ever felt bad about money – having it or spending it, then check out this audio. “Noble Poverty” is the often unconscious belief that there is virtue in not having a lot of money – and this belief keeps us from living abundant lives. In this audio, I help you explore the unconscious money beliefs and stories that so many of us have around money. And I will help you break the negative connections you may have to wealth. If you long to live a more abundant life, feel good about it, and know that your abundance is a good thing for the world, then this audio is for you.

    With this audio, you will learn to:

    ▪Diagnose your own “noble poverty” with powerful questions. Identifying it is the first step to ending it.

    ▪Explore money in connection to “anti-materialism.” Is there enough for everyone?

    ▪Understand “voluntary simplicity” and how it differs from noble poverty.

    ▪Examine self-deprivation in your own life—so you can have more.

    ▪Learn a powerful exercise to help you change your feelings about wealth.

    ▪Discover a new definition of abundance that works better for everyone!

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  • Ebook: How to Stop Stressing About Money & Create a Life you Love

    22 page eBook: Examine your relationship to money so you can take care of your finances and never worry about money again. Go from feeling frustrated and worried to being excited about building a life you love.

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  • Ebook: 45 Powerful Tips for Earning What You’re Really Worth

    8 page eBook: Enjoy idea after idea of tips to conquer underearning. This includes everything from small shifts in thinking to practical “do this now” strategies.

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  • Audio: How your inner Good Girl can break free and earn more money

    If you want everyone to like you and don’t want to make anyone mad, you need this audio. Discover ways people undersell themselves, some intriguing differences between men and women, “noble poverty” and why people struggle to break through their earning ceilings.

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  • Audio: The Transformative power of a personal money practice

    Sara Harvey Yao, national executive leadership consultant, interviewed me on creating a “personal money practice” after noticing money was a common trend among her clients. This audio can help everyone embrace their goals of stronger presence, less stress, greater impact, and more peace around money.

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