Money vs. Relationships?

I have to pass on this fabulous article called Friends with Money from the Elements of Feminine Power ezine. Read this excerpt:

Well, for one thing, you KNOW they don’t happen among men, do they?!? Don’t get us wrong – we’re not guy-bashing when we say it. But the truth is, women have a lot more energy wrapped up in worrying about how money affects (or might affect) our relationships than men do. We want to get paid what we’re worth – and we know we’re worth a lot! And we want to be able to buy nice things for ourselves and others. But if you’re like us and our clients and friends, you’ll probably admit: you NEVER want money to come between you and the people you care about…and we women frequently suffer big-time when money and relationships get mixed together.

It is all so true! Women are intensely relational by nature. And we have to balance our desire for relationship with our need to be paid what we’re worth. Good food for thought.

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