Affirmative Prayer for Unexpected Blessings and Prosperity

Recently I spent five days in Alabama with Edwene Gaines, the author of the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Edwene focuses on helping people change their abundance consciousness – and their money mindset. She is also a Unity Minister. Here is her affirmative prayer for unexpected blessings. I vote we all open up to receiving expected and unexpected prosperity now! Read this, feel this and enjoy this.

Affirmative Prayer for Unexpected Blessings
I live in the midst of infinite abundance.
The abundance of Spirit is my infinite source.
The river of Life’s good never stops flowing.
It flows through me into lavish expression.
Good comes to me through unexpected avenues.
Spirit works in a multitude of ways to bless me.
I now open my heart and mind to receive my good.
With Spirit as my source, nothing is too good to be true.
Wonderful things happen to me, in me, and around me.
I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with fabulous increase.
Blessings come from every direction in expected and unexpected ways.
Spirit provides for me in a generous and wonderful manner.
I am filled with joy, peace, and gratitude.
Thank you, Loving Spirit!

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